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4 Alternative Words Similar to academy

1 Establishment Noun      Synonym Words Like Establishment
2 Institution Noun      Synonym Words Like Institution
3 Lycee Noun      Synonym Words Like Lycee
4 Lyceum Noun      Synonym Words Like Lyceum

9 definitions of academy

1 [capitalized] Originally, a public pleasure-ground of Athens, consecrated to Athene and other deities, containing a grove and gymnasium, where Plato and his followers held their philosophical conferences; hence, Plato and his followers collectively; the members of the school of Plato.
2 A superior school or institution of learning.
3 An association of adepts for the promotion of literature, science, or art, established sometimes by government, and sometimes by the voluntary union of private individuals.
4 Academia.
5 A body of established opinion in a particular field, regarded as authoritative.
6 a secondary school (usually private)
7 a learned establishment for the advancement of knowledge
8 a school for special training
9 an institution for the advancement of art or science or literature
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