We have put together a list of words that are similar to ACHROMATIC.

11 Alternative Words Similar to achromatic

1 Chromatic Adjective      Antonym Words Like Chromatic
2 Colorless Adjective      Related Words Like Colorless
3 Colourless Adjective      Related Words Like Colourless
4 Argent Adjective      Similar Words Like Argent
5 Gray Adjective      Similar Words Like Gray
6 Grey Adjective      Similar Words Like Grey
7 Silver Adjective      Similar Words Like Silver
8 Silverish Adjective      Similar Words Like Silverish
9 Silvery Adjective      Similar Words Like Silvery
10 Uncolored Adjective      Synonym Words Like Uncolored
11 Microscope      Cross-Reference Words Like Microscope

10 definitions of achromatic

1 Free from color; transmitting light without decomposing it into its primary colors.
2 Uncolored; not absorbing color from a fluid; -- said of tissue.
3 having no hue
4 Designating color perceived to have zero saturation and therefore no hue, such as neutral grays, white, or black.
5 Refracting light without spectral color separation.
6 Biology Difficult to stain with standard dyes. Used in reference to cells or tissues.
7 Music Having only the diatonic tones of the scale.
8 Destitute of color; free from coloration; transmitting light without decomposing it into its constituent colors: as, an achromatic lens or telescope.
9 In biology: Colorless; hyaline.
10 Free from color; transmitting light without color-related distortion.
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