We have put together a list of words that are similar to ACRIDITY.

6 Alternative Words Similar to acridity

1 Acridness Noun      Synonym Words Like Acridness
2 Bitter Noun      Synonym Words Like Bitter
3 Bitterness Noun      Synonym Words Like Bitterness
4 Odor Noun      Synonym Words Like Odor
5 Odour Noun      Synonym Words Like Odour
6 Smell Noun      Synonym Words Like Smell

1 examples of acridity

1 the acridity of a plant, of a speech

8 definitions of acridity

1 The quality of being acrid or pungent; irritant bitterness; extreme bitterness; acrimony.
2 having an acrid smell.
3 the quality of being sharply disagreeable in language or tone
4 having an acrid smell
5 extreme bitterness
6 The quality of being acrid; pungency conjoined with bitterness and corrosive irritation; acridness.
7 bitterness or acerbity
8 An acrid taste or smell.
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