Words Like ADVERT

We have put together a list of words that are similar to ADVERT.

38 Alternative Words Similar to advert

1 Ad Noun      Synonym Words Like Ad
2 Advertisement Noun      Synonym Words Like Advertisement
3 Advertizement Noun      Synonym Words Like Advertizement
4 Advertising Noun      Synonym Words Like Advertising
5 Advertizing Noun      Synonym Words Like Advertizing
6 Packaging Noun      Synonym Words Like Packaging
7 Promotion Noun      Synonym Words Like Promotion
8 Publicity Noun      Synonym Words Like Publicity
9 Attend Verb      Synonym Words Like Attend
10 Hang Verb      Synonym Words Like Hang
11 Allude Verb      Synonym Words Like Allude
12 Touch Verb      Synonym Words Like Touch
13 Mention Verb      Synonym Words Like Mention
14 Cite Verb      Synonym Words Like Cite
15 Name Verb      Synonym Words Like Name
16 Refer Verb      Synonym Words Like Refer
17 Hint Verb      Synonym Words Like Hint
18 Listen Verb      Synonym Words Like Listen
19 Mean Verb      Synonym Words Like Mean
20 Suggest Verb      Synonym Words Like Suggest
21 Adverted Verb-intransitive      Form Words Like Adverted
22 Adverting Verb-intransitive      Form Words Like Adverting
23 Flyer Noun      Hyponym Words Like Flyer
24 Advertorial Noun      Hyponym Words Like Advertorial
25 Bill Noun      Hyponym Words Like Bill
26 Broadsheet Noun      Hyponym Words Like Broadsheet
27 Circular Noun      Hyponym Words Like Circular
28 Handbill Noun      Hyponym Words Like Handbill
29 Broadside Noun      Hyponym Words Like Broadside
30 Throwaway Noun      Hyponym Words Like Throwaway
31 Flier Noun      Hyponym Words Like Flier
32 Remember Verb      Hyponym Words Like Remember
33 Raise Verb      Hyponym Words Like Raise
34 Namedrop Verb      Hyponym Words Like Namedrop
35 Commend Verb      Hyponym Words Like Commend
36 Invoke Verb      Hyponym Words Like Invoke
37 Quote Verb      Hyponym Words Like Quote
38 Appeal Verb      Hyponym Words Like Appeal

3 examples of advert

1 he adverted to what was said
2 They attended to everything he said
3 She hung on his every word

10 definitions of advert

1 To turn the mind or attention; to refer; to take heed or notice; -- with to.
2 make a more or less disguised reference to
3 a public promotion of some product or service
4 make reference to
5 give heed (to)
6 To turn attention. Used with to: The board next adverted to compensation issues.
7 To call attention; refer. Used with to: He adverted to the problem in the opening paragraph. See Synonyms at refer.
8 Chiefly British An advertisement.
9 To turn the mind; fix the attention; give or pay heed: with to, and sometimes upon, before the object of attention.
10 To turn the attention in speech or writing; make a remark or remarks (about or in relation to): with to, and formerly sometimes on or upon, before the subject of remark: as, he adverted briefly to the occurrences of the day.
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