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4 Alternative Words Similar to ala

1 Appendage Noun      Synonym Words Like Appendage
2 Outgrowth Noun      Synonym Words Like Outgrowth
3 Process Noun      Synonym Words Like Process
4 Wing Noun      Synonym Words Like Wing

2 examples of ala

1 the alae of a maple seed
2 the flat petals of a pea blossom are alae

10 definitions of ala

1 In botany: One of the two side petals of a papilionaceous blossom, or the membranous expansion of an organ, as of a fruit, seed, stem, etc. See cut under banner.
2 In mosses, one of the basal lobes or auricles of the leaves.
3 An axilla or axil.
4 In anat., zoöl., etc.:
5 A wing.
6 Any part of a wing-like or flap-like character: as, ala auris, the upper and outer part of the external ear.
7 The armpit.
8 plural Specifically, in Cirripedia, the lateral parts of the shell, as distinguished from the parietes, when they are overlapped by others; when they overlap they are termed radii.
9 In anc. Rom. arch., a wing or a small apartment placed on each side of the atrium of a Roman house. Audsley.
10 A wing or winglike structure.
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