Words Like ALIMENT

We have put together a list of words that are similar to ALIMENT.

24 Alternative Words Similar to aliment

1 Nutriment Noun      Synonym Words Like Nutriment
2 Nourishment Noun      Synonym Words Like Nourishment
3 Nutrition Noun      Synonym Words Like Nutrition
4 Sustenance Noun      Synonym Words Like Sustenance
5 Alimentation Noun      Synonym Words Like Alimentation
6 Victuals Noun      Synonym Words Like Victuals
7 Food Noun      Synonym Words Like Food
8 Nutrient Noun      Synonym Words Like Nutrient
9 Feed Verb      Synonym Words Like Feed
10 Give Verb      Synonym Words Like Give
11 Support Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Support
12 Ingesta Noun      Hyponym
13 Goody Noun      Hyponym Words Like Goody
14 Mess Noun      Hyponym Words Like Mess
15 Delicacy Noun      Hyponym Words Like Delicacy
16 Course Noun      Hyponym Words Like Course
17 Purée Noun      Hyponym
18 Stodge Noun      Hyponym
19 Repast Noun      Hyponym Words Like Repast
20 Dainty Noun      Hyponym Words Like Dainty
21 Kickshaw Noun      Hyponym Words Like Kickshaw
22 Vitamin Noun      Hyponym
23 Meal Noun      Hyponym Words Like Meal
24 Treat Noun      Hyponym Words Like Treat

10 definitions of aliment

1 That which nourishes; food; nutriment; anything which feeds or adds to a substance in natural growth. Hence: The necessaries of life generally: sustenance; means of support.
2 An allowance for maintenance.
3 To nourish; to support.
4 To provide for the maintenance of.
5 give nourishment to
6 a source of materials to nourish the body
7 Something that nourishes; food.
8 Something that supports or sustains.
9 To supply with sustenance, such as food: required by court order to aliment the abandoned family.
10 That which nourishes or sustains; food; nutriment; sustenance; support, whether literal or figurative.
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