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1 Crack Verb      Synonym Words Like Crack

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1 Any American member of the family Alligatoridæ or the family Crocodilidæ; an American crocodile; a cayman; a jacaré.
2 [capitalized] [NL.] More specifically, a genus of large lizard-like or saurian reptiles, the type of the family Alligatoridæ, order Crocodilia, formerly family Crocodilidæ, order Sauria. See Alligatoridæ, Crocodilidæ.
3 A local name of the little brown fence-lizard, Sceloporus undulatus, common in many parts of the United States.
4 A machine for bringing the balls of iron from a puddling-furnace into compact form so that they can be handled; a squeezer.
5 A peculiar form of rock-breaker.
6 A boat used in handling floating logs. It can be moved overland from one body of water to another by its own power, usually applied through a drum and cable.
7 One who binds or ties.
8 A large amphibious reptile with sharp teeth and very strong jaws related to the crocodile and native to the Americas and China. Informal short form: gator
9 To crack in a pattern resembling an alligator's skin.
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