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28 Alternative Words Similar to alloy

1 Metal Noun      Synonym Words Like Metal
2 Impurity Noun      Synonym Words Like Impurity
3 Mixture Noun      Synonym Words Like Mixture
4 Blend Verb      Synonym Words Like Blend
5 Coalesce Verb      Synonym Words Like Coalesce
6 Combine Verb      Synonym Words Like Combine
7 Commingle Verb      Synonym Words Like Commingle
8 Conflate Verb      Synonym Words Like Conflate
9 Flux Verb      Synonym Words Like Flux
10 Fuse Verb      Synonym Words Like Fuse
11 Immix Verb      Synonym Words Like Immix
12 Meld Verb      Synonym Words Like Meld
13 Merge Verb      Synonym Words Like Merge
14 Mix Verb      Synonym Words Like Mix
15 Alloying Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Alloying
16 Amalgam Noun      Hyponym Words Like Amalgam
17 Carboloy Noun      Hyponym Words Like Carboloy
18 Stellite Noun      Hyponym Words Like Stellite
19 Solder Noun      Hyponym Words Like Solder
20 Duralumin Noun      Hyponym Words Like Duralumin
21 Electrum Noun      Hyponym Words Like Electrum
22 Tombak Noun      Hyponym Words Like Tombak
23 Tambac Noun      Hyponym Words Like Tambac
24 Oroide Noun      Hyponym Words Like Oroide
25 Tombac Noun      Hyponym Words Like Tombac
26 Oreide Noun      Hyponym Words Like Oreide
27 Pewter Noun      Hyponym Words Like Pewter
28 Alnico Noun      Hyponym Words Like Alnico

3 examples of alloy

1 no happiness is without alloy
2 to alloy gold with silver or copper, or silver with copper
3 to alloy pleasure with misfortunes

10 definitions of alloy

1 Any combination or compound of metals fused together; a mixture of metals; for example, brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc. But when mercury is one of the metals, the compound is called an amalgam.
2 The quality, or comparative purity, of gold or silver; fineness.
3 A baser metal mixed with a finer.
4 Admixture of anything which lessens the value or detracts from.
5 To reduce the purity of by mixing with a less valuable substance.
6 To mix, as metals, so as to form a compound.
7 To abate, impair, or debase by mixture; to allay.
8 To form a metallic compound.
9 a mixture containing two or more metallic elements or metallic and nonmetallic elements usually fused together or dissolving into each other when molten
10 make an alloy of
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