We have put together a list of words that are similar to BLACKOUT.

15 Alternative Words Similar to blackout

1 Brownout Noun      Synonym Words Like Brownout
2 Dimout Noun      Synonym Words Like Dimout
3 Break Noun      Synonym Words Like Break
4 Dark Noun      Synonym Words Like Dark
5 Intermission Noun      Synonym Words Like Intermission
6 Interruption Noun      Synonym Words Like Interruption
7 Pause Noun      Synonym Words Like Pause
8 Suspension Noun      Synonym Words Like Suspension
10 Turn Verb      Hypernym Words Like Turn
11 Faint Verb      Hyponym Words Like Faint
12 Conk Verb      Hyponym Words Like Conk
13 Extinguish Verb      Hypernym Words Like Extinguish
14 Redact Verb      Hypernym Words Like Redact
15 Edit Verb      Hypernym Words Like Edit

10 definitions of blackout

1 Temporary loss of consciousness or memory.
2 A large-scale power failure, and resulting loss of electricity to consumers.
3 The mandatory blocking of all light emanating from buildings as imposed during World War II.
4 darken completely
5 lose consciousness due to a sudden trauma, for example
6 obliterate or extinguish
7 suppress by censorship as for political reasons
8 a momentary loss of consciousness
9 the failure of electric power for a general region
10 a suspension of radio or tv broadcasting
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