Words Like BLANK

We have put together a list of words that are similar to BLANK.

21 Alternative Words Similar to blank

1 Clean Adjective      Synonym Words Like Clean
2 White Adjective      Synonym Words Like White
3 Empty Adjective      Similar Words Like Empty
4 Incommunicative Adjective      Similar Words Like Incommunicative
5 Uncommunicative Adjective      Similar Words Like Uncommunicative
6 Space Noun      Synonym Words Like Space
7 Character Noun      Synonym Words Like Character
8 Crack Noun      Synonym Words Like Crack
9 Gap Noun      Synonym Words Like Gap
10 Grapheme Noun      Synonym Words Like Grapheme
11 Keep Verb      Synonym Words Like Keep
12 Prevent Verb      Synonym Words Like Prevent
13 Void Adjective      Synonym Words Like Void
14 Absolute Adjective      Synonym Words Like Absolute
15 Downright Adjective      Synonym Words Like Downright
16 Aim Noun      Synonym Words Like Aim
17 Shot Noun      Synonym Words Like Shot
18 Range Noun      Synonym Words Like Range
19 Blanked Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Blanked
20 Blanking Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Blanking
21 Annul Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Annul

10 examples of blank

1 blank paper; a blank check; a blank ballot
2 a blank space; a blank day
3 a blank desert; a blank wall
4 to live a blank existence
5 blank unconsciousness
6 blank terror
7 the “double blank”; the “six blank.”
8 a clean page
9 wide white margins
10 fill in the blank spaces

10 definitions of blank

1 Of a white or pale color; without color.
2 Free from writing, printing, or marks; having an empty space to be filled in with some special writing; -- said of checks, official documents, etc..
3 Utterly confounded or discomfited.
4 Empty; void; without result; fruitless.
5 Lacking characteristics which give variety; ; destitute of interests, affections, hopes, etc.; ; destitute of sensations.
6 Lacking animation and intelligence, or their associated characteristics, as expression of face, look, etc.; expressionless; vacant.
7 Absolute; downright; unmixed.
8 Any void space; a void space on paper, or in any written instrument; an interval void of consciousness, action, result, etc; a void.
9 A lot by which nothing is gained; a ticket in a lottery on which no prize is indicated.
10 A paper unwritten; a paper without marks or characters a blank ballot; -- especially, a paper on which are to be inserted designated items of information, for which spaces are left vacant; a bland form.
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