We have put together a list of words that are similar to BLANKETING.

9 Alternative Words Similar to blanketing

1 Broad Adjective      Synonym Words Like Broad
2 Encompassing Adjective      Synonym Words Like Encompassing
3 Wide Adjective      Synonym Words Like Wide
4 Cover Noun      Synonym Words Like Cover
5 Bed Noun      Synonym Words Like Bed
6 Bedclothes Noun      Synonym Words Like Bedclothes
7 Bedding Noun      Synonym Words Like Bedding
8 Covering Noun      Synonym Words Like Covering
9 Layer Noun      Synonym Words Like Layer

10 definitions of blanketing

1 Cloth for blankets.
2 The act or punishment of tossing in a blanket.
3 Coarse woolen cloth of which blankets are made.
4 A supply or quantity of blankets.
5 The process of obtaining gold by collecting it as it comes from the stamps on a blanket or in a blanket-sluice.
6 plural The gold so obtained.
7 The operation of tossing in a blanket as a punishment or a joke.
8 Present participle of blanket.
9 cloth for making blankets
10 anything that covers like a blanket
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