We have put together a list of words that are similar to BLESSING.

26 Alternative Words Similar to blessing

1 Approval Noun      Synonym Words Like Approval
2 Approving Noun      Synonym Words Like Approving
3 Boon Noun      Synonym Words Like Boon
4 Grace Noun      Synonym Words Like Grace
5 Thanksgiving Noun      Synonym Words Like Thanksgiving
6 Benediction Noun      Synonym Words Like Benediction
7 Luckiness Noun      Synonym Words Like Luckiness
8 Orison Noun      Synonym Words Like Orison
9 Petition Noun      Synonym Words Like Petition
10 Prayer Noun      Synonym Words Like Prayer
11 Supplication Noun      Synonym Words Like Supplication
12 Support Noun      Synonym Words Like Support
13 Disapproval Noun      Antonym Words Like Disapproval
14 Gift Noun      Synonym Words Like Gift
15 Espousal Noun      Hyponym Words Like Espousal
16 Adoption Noun      Hyponym Words Like Adoption
17 Reward Noun      Hyponym Words Like Reward
18 Appreciation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Appreciation
19 Backing Noun      Hyponym Words Like Backing
20 Championship Noun      Hyponym Words Like Championship
21 Patronage Noun      Hyponym Words Like Patronage
22 Acceptance Noun      Hyponym Words Like Acceptance
23 Reinforcement Noun      Hyponym Words Like Reinforcement
24 Backup Noun      Hyponym Words Like Backup
25 Acceptation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Acceptation
26 Benison Noun      Hyponym Words Like Benison

2 examples of blessing

1 his decision merited the approval of any sensible person
2 a spanking breeze is a boon to sailors

10 definitions of blessing

1 The act of one who blesses.
2 A declaration of divine favor, or an invocation imploring divine favor on some or something; a benediction; a wish of happiness pronounces.
3 A means of happiness; that which promotes prosperity and welfare; a beneficent gift.
4 A gift.
5 Grateful praise or worship.
6 the formal act of approving
7 a ceremonial prayer invoking divine protection
8 a short prayer of thanks before a meal
9 the act of praying for divine protection
10 a desirable state
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