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3 Alternative Words Similar to bloodstone

1 Heliotrope Noun      Synonym Words Like Heliotrope
2 Calcedony Noun      Synonym Words Like Calcedony
3 Chalcedony Noun      Synonym Words Like Chalcedony

7 definitions of bloodstone

1 A green siliceous stone sprinkled with red jasper, as if with blood; hence the name; -- called also heliotrope.
2 Hematite, an ore of iron yielding a blood red powder or “streak.”
3 green chalcedony with red spots that resemble blood
4 A variety of deep-green chalcedony flecked with red jasper. Also called heliotrope.
5 A variety of hematite, having a finely fibrous structure and a reniform surface.
6 A variety of quartz having a greenish base, with small spots of red jasper, looking like drops of blood, scattered through it. This kind of bloodstone is also called heliotrope.
7 A green chalcedony that has been sprinkled with red spots (which resemble blood, hence the name).
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