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1 Woman Noun      Synonym Words Like Woman

9 definitions of bluestocking

1 A literary lady; a female pedant.
2 The American avocet (Recurvirostra Americana).
3 See Bluestocking.
4 a woman having literary or intellectual interests
5 A woman with strong scholarly or literary interests.
6 Wearing blue stockings; specifically, wearing blue or gray worsted stockings, as opposed to those of black silk worn in court or ceremonial dress; hence, not in full dress; in plain dress.
7 A member of the “Blue-stocking Club,” especially a woman (see above); by extension, any woman with a taste for learning or literature; a literary woman: originally used in derision or contempt, and implying a neglect on the part of such women of their domestic duties or a departure from their “proper sphere”; now hardly used except historically or humorously.
8 A name of the American avoset, Recurvirostra americana. See avoset.
9 A scholarly, literary, or cultured woman.
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