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3 Alternative Words Similar to chiaroscuro

1 Image Noun      Synonym Words Like Image
2 Picture Noun      Synonym Words Like Picture
3 Grisaille Noun      Hyponym

10 definitions of chiaroscuro

1 The arrangement of light and dark parts in a work of art, such as a drawing or painting, whether in monochrome or in color.
2 The art or practice of so arranging the light and dark parts as to produce a harmonious effect. Cf. clair-obscur.
3 a monochrome picture made by using several different shades of the same color
4 The technique of using light and shade in pictorial representation.
5 The arrangement of light and dark elements in a pictorial work of art.
6 A woodcut technique in which several blocks are used to print different shades of a color.
7 A woodcut print made by this technique.
8 Light and shade; specifically, the general distribution of light and shade in a picture, whether painted, drawn, or engraved— that is, the combined effect of all its lights, shadows, and reflections. Strictly speaking, however, every object on which light strikes has its own chiaroscuro.
9 A drawing in black and white.
10 A method of printing engravings from several blocks representing lighter and darker shades, used especially in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries; also, an engraving so printed.
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