Words Like CHOICE

We have put together a list of words that are similar to CHOICE.

30 Alternative Words Similar to choice

1 Prize Adjective      Synonym Words Like Prize
2 Quality Adjective      Synonym Words Like Quality
3 Select Adjective      Synonym Words Like Select
4 Prime Adjective      Synonym Words Like Prime
5 Superior Adjective      Similar Words Like Superior
6 Tasty Adjective      Similar Words Like Tasty
7 Pick Noun      Synonym Words Like Pick
8 Selection Noun      Synonym Words Like Selection
9 Option Noun      Synonym Words Like Option
10 Alternative Noun      Synonym Words Like Alternative
11 Action Noun      Synonym Words Like Action
12 Deciding Noun      Synonym Words Like Deciding
13 Election Noun      Synonym Words Like Election
14 Discrimination Noun      Synonym Words Like Discrimination
15 Valuable Adjective      Synonym Words Like Valuable
16 Way Noun      Hyponym Words Like Way
17 Favorite Noun      Hyponym Words Like Favorite
18 Favourite Noun      Hyponym Words Like Favourite
19 Determination Noun      Hyponym Words Like Determination
20 Willing Noun      Hyponym Words Like Willing
21 Decision Noun      Hyponym Words Like Decision
22 Conclusion Noun      Hyponym Words Like Conclusion
23 Volition Noun      Hyponym Words Like Volition
24 Impossibility Noun      Hyponym Words Like Impossibility
25 Possibility Noun      Hyponym Words Like Possibility
26 Default Noun      Hyponym Words Like Default
27 Preference Noun      Hyponym Words Like Preference
28 Obverse Noun      Hyponym Words Like Obverse
29 Opening Noun      Hyponym Words Like Opening
30 Druthers Noun      Hyponym Words Like Druthers

8 examples of choice

1 to be choice of time, or of money
2 you can take your pick
3 prize carnations
4 prime beef
5 quality paper
6 select peaches
7 there no other alternative
8 my only choice is to refuse

10 definitions of choice

1 Act of choosing; the voluntary act of selecting or separating from two or more things that which is preferred; the determination of the mind in preferring one thing to another; election.
2 The power or opportunity of choosing; option.
3 Care in selecting; judgment or skill in distinguishing what is to be preferred, and in giving a preference; discrimination.
4 A sufficient number to choose among.
5 The thing or person chosen; that which is approved and selected in preference to others; selection.
6 The best part; that which is preferable.
7 Worthly of being chosen or preferred; select; superior; precious; valuable.
8 Preserving or using with care, as valuable; frugal; -- used with of.
9 Selected with care, and due attention to preference; deliberately chosen.
10 the person or thing chosen or selected
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