We have put together a list of words that are similar to CHRISTEN.

4 Alternative Words Similar to christen

1 Baptize Verb      Synonym Words Like Baptize
2 Baptise Verb      Synonym Words Like Baptise
3 Call Verb      Synonym Words Like Call
4 Name Verb      Synonym Words Like Name

9 definitions of christen

1 Earlier form of Christian .
2 To baptize into the Christian church.
3 Specifically To baptize under a newly conferred name, especially in infancy; baptize and name as an infant.
4 In general, to name; denominate; give a name to.
5 To Christianize.
6 To engrave new names and marks on (stolen watches, silver plate, etc.) after obliterating the old, in order to prevent identification.
7 To perform the religious act of the baptism, to baptise.
8 To name.
9 To use for the first time.
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