Words Like COAT

We have put together a list of words that are similar to COAT.

61 Alternative Words Similar to coat

1 Coating Noun      Synonym Words Like Coating
2 Covering Noun      Synonym Words Like Covering
3 Surface Verb      Synonym Words Like Surface
4 Apparel Verb      Synonym Words Like Apparel
5 Clothe Verb      Synonym Words Like Clothe
6 Cover Verb      Synonym Words Like Cover
7 Dress Verb      Synonym Words Like Dress
8 Enclothe Verb      Synonym Words Like Enclothe
9 Garb Verb      Synonym Words Like Garb
10 Garment Verb      Synonym Words Like Garment
11 Habilitate Verb      Synonym Words Like Habilitate
12 Raiment Verb      Synonym Words Like Raiment
13 Tog Verb      Synonym Words Like Tog
14 Petticoat Noun      Synonym Words Like Petticoat
15 Cloth Noun      Synonym Words Like Cloth
16 Gilding Noun      Hyponym Words Like Gilding
17 Overcoating Noun      Hyponym
18 Gilt Noun      Hyponym Words Like Gilt
19 Lacquer Noun      Hyponym
20 Bitumastic Noun      Hyponym
21 Waterproofing Noun      Hyponym
22 Plating Noun      Hyponym
23 Enamel Noun      Hyponym
24 Paint Noun      Hyponym Words Like Paint
25 Emulsion Noun      Hyponym
26 Patina Noun      Hyponym
27 Overcoat Noun      Hyponym
28 Macadamise Verb      Hyponym
29 Refinish Verb      Hyponym
30 Gelatinize Verb      Hyponym Words Like Gelatinize
31 Skim Verb      Hyponym Words Like Skim
32 Enrobe Verb      Hyponym
33 Blacktop Verb      Hyponym
34 Metal Verb      Hyponym Words Like Metal
35 Pave Verb      Hyponym
36 Patinize Verb      Hyponym
37 Porcelainize Verb      Hyponym
38 Metallize Verb      Hyponym
39 Plate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Plate
40 Daub Verb      Hyponym Words Like Daub
41 Render Verb      Hyponym Words Like Render
42 Finish Verb      Hyponym Words Like Finish
43 Patinise Verb      Hyponym
44 Skimcoat Verb      Hyponym
45 Zinc Verb      Hyponym Words Like Zinc
46 Anodise Verb      Hyponym
47 Resurface Verb      Hyponym
48 Platinize Verb      Hyponym
49 Patinate Verb      Hyponym
50 Bonderise Verb      Hyponym
51 Metalize Verb      Hyponym
52 Bonderize Verb      Hyponym
53 Anodize Verb      Hyponym
54 Macadamize Verb      Hyponym
55 Topper Noun      Hyponym Words Like Topper
56 Greatcoat Noun      Hyponym
57 Cutaway Noun      Hyponym Words Like Cutaway
58 Topcoat Noun      Hyponym
59 Coatee Noun      Hyponym
60 Mackinaw Noun      Hyponym Words Like Mackinaw
61 Surcoat Noun      Hyponym

3 examples of coat

1 the horses coats were sleek
2 the coats of the eye; the coats of an onion; a coat of tar or varnish
3 to coat a jar with tin foil; to coat a ceiling

10 definitions of coat

1 An outer garment fitting the upper part of the body; especially, such a garment worn by men.
2 A petticoat.
3 The habit or vesture of an order of men, indicating the order or office; cloth.
4 An external covering like a garment, as fur, skin, wool, husk, or bark.
5 A layer of any substance covering another; a cover; a tegument.
6 Same as Coat of arms. See below.
7 A coat card. See below.
8 To cover with a coat or outer garment.
9 To cover with a layer of any substance.
10 form a coat over
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