We have put together a list of words that are similar to DIPLOMACY.

14 Alternative Words Similar to diplomacy

1 Delicacy Noun      Synonym Words Like Delicacy
2 Discreetness Noun      Synonym Words Like Discreetness
3 Finesse Noun      Synonym Words Like Finesse
4 Statesmanship Noun      Synonym Words Like Statesmanship
5 Statecraft Noun      Synonym Words Like Statecraft
6 Dialogue Noun      Synonym Words Like Dialogue
7 Negotiation Noun      Synonym Words Like Negotiation
8 Tact Noun      Synonym Words Like Tact
9 Tactfulness Noun      Synonym Words Like Tactfulness
10 Talks Noun      Synonym Words Like Talks
11 Wisdom Noun      Synonym Words Like Wisdom
12 Wiseness Noun      Synonym Words Like Wiseness
13 Recognition Noun      Hyponym Words Like Recognition
14 Salt Noun      Hyponym Words Like Salt

10 definitions of diplomacy

1 The art and practice of conducting negotiations between nations (particularly in securing treaties), including the methods and forms usually employed.
2 Dexterity or skill in securing advantages; tact.
3 The body of ministers or envoys resident at a court; the diplomatic body.
4 subtly skillful handling of a situation
5 wisdom in the management of public affairs
6 negotiation between nations
7 The art or practice of conducting international relations, as in negotiating alliances, treaties, and agreements.
8 Tact and skill in dealing with people. See Synonyms at tact.
9 The science of the forms, ceremonies, and methods to be observed in conducting the actual intercourse of one state with another, through authorized agents, on the basis of international law; the art of conducting such intercourse, as in negotiating and drafting treaties, representing the interests of a state or its subjects at a foreign court, etc.
10 The act or practice of negotiation or official intercourse, as between independent powers; diplomatic procedure in general; the transaction of international business: as, the history of European diplomacy.
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