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15 Alternative Words Similar to endorse

1 Back Verb      Synonym Words Like Back
2 Indorse Verb      Synonym Words Like Indorse
3 Support Verb      Synonym Words Like Support
4 Second Verb      Synonym Words Like Second
5 Certify Verb      Synonym Words Like Certify
6 Approve Verb      Synonym Words Like Approve
7 Guarantee Verb      Synonym Words Like Guarantee
8 Okay Verb      Synonym Words Like Okay
9 Sanction Verb      Synonym Words Like Sanction
10 Sign Verb      Synonym Words Like Sign
11 Warrant Verb      Synonym Words Like Warrant
12 Cosign Verb      Hyponym
13 Visa Verb      Hyponym Words Like Visa
14 Champion Verb      Hyponym Words Like Champion
15 Defend Verb      Hyponym Words Like Defend

3 examples of endorse

1 I can't back this plan
2 endorse a new project
3 I backed Kennedy in 1960

10 definitions of endorse

1 Same as indorse.
2 A subordinary, resembling the pale, but of one fourth its width (according to some writers, one eighth).
3 give support or one's approval to
4 guarantee as meeting a certain standard
5 sign as evidence of legal transfer
6 be behind; approve of
7 To write one's signature on the back of (a check, for example) as evidence of the legal transfer of its ownership, especially in return for the cash or credit indicated on its face.
8 To place (one's signature), as on a contract, to indicate approval of its contents or terms.
9 To acknowledge (receipt of payment) by signing a bill, draft, or other instrument.
10 To give approval of or support to, especially by public statement; sanction: endorse a political candidate. See Synonyms at approve.
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