We have put together a list of words that are similar to EQUILIBRATE.

13 Alternative Words Similar to equilibrate

1 Balance Verb      Synonym Words Like Balance
2 Equilibrize Verb      Synonym Words Like Equilibrize
3 Equilibrise Verb      Synonym Words Like Equilibrise
4 Fit Verb      Synonym Words Like Fit
5 Match Verb      Synonym Words Like Match
6 Turn Verb      Synonym Words Like Turn
7 Countervail Verb      Hyponym Words Like Countervail
9 Cancel Verb      Hyponym Words Like Cancel
10 Makeup Verb      Hyponym Words Like Makeup
11 Correct Verb      Hyponym Words Like Correct
12 Offset Verb      Hyponym Words Like Offset
13 Compensate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Compensate

1 examples of equilibrate

1 balance the two weights

8 definitions of equilibrate

1 To balance two scales, sides, or ends; to keep even with equal weight on each side; to keep in equipoise.
2 bring into balance or equilibrium
3 bring to a chemical stasis or equilibrium
4 To be in or bring about equilibrium.
5 To maintain in or bring into equilibrium.
6 To balance equally; keep even with equal weight on each side; keep in equipoise.
7 To balance, or bring into equilibrium.
8 To balance, to be in a state of equilibrium.
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