Words Like ESSAY

We have put together a list of words that are similar to ESSAY.

35 Alternative Words Similar to essay

1 Attempt Noun      Synonym Words Like Attempt
2 Effort Noun      Synonym Words Like Effort
3 Endeavor Noun      Synonym Words Like Endeavor
4 Endeavour Noun      Synonym Words Like Endeavour
5 Try Noun      Synonym Words Like Try
6 Writing Noun      Synonym Words Like Writing
7 Seek Verb      Synonym Words Like Seek
8 Assay Verb      Synonym Words Like Assay
9 Test Verb      Synonym Words Like Test
10 Prove Verb      Synonym Words Like Prove
11 Examine Verb      Synonym Words Like Examine
12 Act Verb      Synonym Words Like Act
13 Evaluate Verb      Synonym Words Like Evaluate
14 Judge Verb      Synonym Words Like Judge
15 Move Verb      Synonym Words Like Move
16 Trial Noun      Synonym Words Like Trial
17 Essayed Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Essayed
18 Essaying Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Essaying
19 Paper Noun      Hyponym Words Like Paper
20 Thanatopsis Noun      Hyponym Words Like Thanatopsis
21 Theme Noun      Hyponym Words Like Theme
22 Report Noun      Hyponym Words Like Report
23 Composition Noun      Hyponym Words Like Composition
24 Memoir Noun      Hyponym Words Like Memoir
25 Control Verb      Hyponym Words Like Control
26 Verify Verb      Hyponym Words Like Verify
27 Float Verb      Hyponym Words Like Float
28 Gamble Verb      Hyponym Words Like Gamble
29 Fight Verb      Hyponym Words Like Fight
30 Hazard Verb      Hyponym Words Like Hazard
31 Chance Verb      Hyponym Words Like Chance
32 Risk Verb      Hyponym Words Like Risk
33 Strive Verb      Hyponym Words Like Strive
34 Adventure Verb      Hyponym Words Like Adventure
35 Struggle Verb      Hyponym Words Like Struggle

7 examples of essay

1 to make an essay to benefit a friend
2 an essay on the life and writings of Homer; an essay on fossils, or on commerce.
3 Test this recipe
4 He sought to improve himself
5 She always seeks to do good in the world
6 The police attempted to stop the thief
7 The infant had essayed a few wobbly steps

10 definitions of essay

1 An effort made, or exertion of body or mind, for the performance of anything; a trial; attempt.
2 A composition treating of any particular subject; -- usually shorter and less methodical than a formal, finished treatise
3 An assay. See Assay, n.
4 To exert one's power or faculties upon; to make an effort to perform; to attempt; to endeavor; to make experiment or trial of; to try.
5 To test the value and purity of (metals); to assay. See Assay.
6 an analytic or interpretive literary composition
7 a tentative attempt
8 put to the test, as for its quality, or give experimental use to
9 make an effort or attempt
10 A short literary composition on a single subject, usually presenting the personal view of the author.
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