Words Like EVIL

We have put together a list of words that are similar to EVIL.

41 Alternative Words Similar to evil

1 Good Adjective      Antonym Words Like Good
2 Bad Adjective      Related Words Like Bad
3 Offensive Adjective      Related Words Like Offensive
4 Wrong Adjective      Related Words Like Wrong
5 Black Adjective      Similar Words Like Black
6 Dark Adjective      Similar Words Like Dark
7 Demonic Adjective      Similar Words Like Demonic
8 Despicable Adjective      Similar Words Like Despicable
9 Diabolic Adjective      Similar Words Like Diabolic
10 Diabolical Adjective      Similar Words Like Diabolical
11 Fiendish Adjective      Similar Words Like Fiendish
12 Grievous Adjective      Similar Words Like Grievous
13 Hellish Adjective      Similar Words Like Hellish
14 Infernal Adjective      Similar Words Like Infernal
15 Satanic Adjective      Similar Words Like Satanic
16 Slimy Adjective      Similar Words Like Slimy
17 Ugly Adjective      Similar Words Like Ugly
18 Unholy Adjective      Similar Words Like Unholy
19 Unworthy Adjective      Similar Words Like Unworthy
20 Vile Adjective      Similar Words Like Vile
21 Worthless Adjective      Similar Words Like Worthless
22 Wretched Adjective      Similar Words Like Wretched
23 Evilness Noun      Synonym Words Like Evilness
24 Badness Noun      Synonym Words Like Badness
25 Goodness Noun      Antonym Words Like Goodness
26 Poor Adjective      Synonym Words Like Poor
27 Unpropitious Adjective      Synonym Words Like Unpropitious
28 Calamitous Adjective      Synonym Words Like Calamitous
29 Injury Noun      Synonym Words Like Injury
30 Harm Noun      Synonym Words Like Harm
31 Ill Adverb      Synonym Words Like Ill
32 Badly Adverb      Synonym Words Like Badly
33 Unhappily Adverb      Synonym Words Like Unhappily
34 Villainousness Noun      Hyponym Words Like Villainousness
35 Error Noun      Hyponym Words Like Error
36 Vice Noun      Hyponym Words Like Vice
38 Worst Noun      Hyponym Words Like Worst
39 Perverseness Noun      Hyponym Words Like Perverseness
40 Perversity Noun      Hyponym Words Like Perversity
41 Villainy Noun      Hyponym Words Like Villainy

6 examples of evil

1 an evil beast; and evil plant; an evil crop.
2 evil conduct, thoughts, heart, words, and the like
3 evil tidings; evil arrows; evil days.
4 a malefic force
5 an evil influence
6 evil deeds

10 definitions of evil

1 Having qualities tending to injury and mischief; having a nature or properties which tend to badness; mischievous; not good; worthless or deleterious; poor
2 Having or exhibiting bad moral qualities; morally corrupt; wicked; wrong; vicious.
3 Producing or threatening sorrow, distress, injury, or calamity; unpropitious; calamitous
4 Anything which impairs the happiness of a being or deprives a being of any good; anything which causes suffering of any kind to sentient beings; injury; mischief; harm; -- opposed to good.
5 Moral badness, or the deviation of a moral being from the principles of virtue imposed by conscience, or by the will of the Supreme Being, or by the principles of a lawful human authority; disposition to do wrong; moral offence; wickedness; depravity.
6 malady or disease; especially in the phrase king's evil, the scrofula.
7 In an evil manner; not well; ill; badly; unhappily; injuriously; unkindly.
8 morally objectionable behavior
9 the quality of being morally wrong in principle or practice
10 having the nature of vice
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