We have put together a list of words that are similar to EXPRESSION.

45 Alternative Words Similar to expression

1 Look Noun      Synonym Words Like Look
2 Aspect Noun      Synonym Words Like Aspect
3 Face Noun      Synonym Words Like Face
4 Manifestation Noun      Synonym Words Like Manifestation
5 Reflection Noun      Synonym Words Like Reflection
6 Reflexion Noun      Synonym Words Like Reflexion
7 Formulation Noun      Synonym Words Like Formulation
8 Formula Noun      Synonym Words Like Formula
9 Construction Noun      Synonym Words Like Construction
10 Communicating Noun      Synonym Words Like Communicating
11 Communication Noun      Synonym Words Like Communication
12 Constituent Noun      Synonym Words Like Constituent
13 Countenance Noun      Synonym Words Like Countenance
14 Demo Noun      Synonym Words Like Demo
15 Demonstration Noun      Synonym Words Like Demonstration
16 Language Noun      Synonym Words Like Language
17 Speech Noun      Synonym Words Like Speech
18 Squeeze Noun      Synonym Words Like Squeeze
19 Style Noun      Synonym Words Like Style
20 Visage Noun      Synonym Words Like Visage
21 Utterance Noun      Synonym Words Like Utterance
22 Phrase Noun      Synonym Words Like Phrase
23 Archaism Noun      Hyponym
24 Archaicism Noun      Hyponym
25 Colloquialism Noun      Hyponym
26 Primitive Noun      Hyponym Words Like Primitive
27 Congratulation Noun      Hyponym
28 Voice Noun      Hyponym Words Like Voice
29 Felicitation Noun      Hyponym
30 Quip Noun      Hyponym Words Like Quip
31 Sumpsimus Noun      Hyponym
32 Agrapha Noun      Hyponym
33 Anatomical Noun      Hyponym
34 Logion Noun      Hyponym
35 Calque Noun      Hyponym
36 Saw Noun      Hyponym Words Like Saw
37 Act Noun      Hyponym Words Like Act
38 Mourning Noun      Hyponym Words Like Mourning
39 Involution Noun      Hyponym Words Like Involution
40 Predicator Noun      Hyponym
41 Leer Noun      Hyponym Words Like Leer
42 Sparkle Noun      Hyponym Words Like Sparkle
43 Twinkle Noun      Hyponym Words Like Twinkle
44 Spark Noun      Hyponym Words Like Spark
45 Light Noun      Hyponym Words Like Light

10 examples of expression

1 the expression of juices or oils
2 a forcible expression of truth
3 an expression of the public will
4 he reads with expression; her performance on the piano has expression.
5 a common expression; an odd expression.
6 the expression the beta-galactosidase positive phenotype
7 his manner of expression showed how much he cared
8 the idea was immediate but the verbalism took hours
9 he helped me find verbal expression for my ideas
10 the pulse is a reflection of the heart's condition

10 definitions of expression

1 The act of expressing; the act of forcing out by pressure; ; also, of extorting or eliciting.
2 The act of declaring or signifying; declaration; utterance.
3 Lively or vivid representation of meaning, sentiment, or feeling, etc.; significant and impressive indication, whether by language, appearance, or gesture; that manner or style which gives life and suggestive force to ideas and sentiments
4 That which is expressed by a countenance, a posture, a work of art, etc.; look, as indicative of thought or feeling.
5 A form of words in which an idea or sentiment is conveyed; a mode of speech; a phrase
6 The representation of any quantity or relation by appropriate characters or symbols, usually in a specific order.
7 the production of products by a gene that cause the appearance of the corresponding protein or phenotype; -- of a gene or of an organism with a specific gene;
8 a combination of characters linked by operators, occurring as part of the code of a computer program, which must be evaluated according to the rules of the computer language in order to produce a resulting value.
9 the style of expressing yourself
10 a group of symbols that make a mathematical statement
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