Words Like FERVENT

We have put together a list of words that are similar to FERVENT.

10 Alternative Words Similar to fervent

1 Ardent Adjective      Synonym Words Like Ardent
2 Fervid Adjective      Synonym Words Like Fervid
3 Fiery Adjective      Synonym Words Like Fiery
4 Impassioned Adjective      Synonym Words Like Impassioned
5 Perfervid Adjective      Synonym Words Like Perfervid
6 Torrid Adjective      Synonym Words Like Torrid
7 Burning Adjective      Synonym Words Like Burning
8 Hot Adjective      Similar Words Like Hot
9 Passionate Adjective      Similar Words Like Passionate
10 Boiling Adjective      Synonym Words Like Boiling

8 examples of fervent

1 a fervent summer
2 an ardent lover
3 a torrid love affair
4 fiery oratory
5 a fervent admirer
6 an impassioned appeal
7 a fervent desire to change society
8 set out...when the fervid heat subsides

10 definitions of fervent

1 Hot; glowing; boiling; burning.
2 Warm in feeling; ardent in temperament; earnest; full of fervor; zealous; glowing.
3 characterized by intense emotion
4 extremely hot
5 Having or showing great emotion or zeal; ardent: fervent protests; a fervent admirer.
6 Extremely hot; glowing.
7 Hot; burning; glowing: as, a fervent summer; fervent rays.
8 Ardent; warmly earnest; animated; eager; vehement: as, fervent zeal; fervent piety.
9 Synonyms Eager, zealous, fervid, impassioned.
10 Exhibiting particular enthusiasm, zeal, conviction, persistence, or belief.
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