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27 Alternative Words Similar to fiber

1 Fibre Noun      Synonym Words Like Fibre
2 Character Noun      Synonym Words Like Character
3 Cloth Noun      Synonym Words Like Cloth
4 Fabric Noun      Synonym Words Like Fabric
5 Material Noun      Synonym Words Like Material
6 Stuff Noun      Synonym Words Like Stuff
7 Textile Noun      Synonym Words Like Textile
8 Trait Noun      Synonym Words Like Trait
9 Strength Noun      Synonym Words Like Strength
10 Roughage Noun      Variant Words Like Roughage
11 Bulk Noun      Variant Words Like Bulk
12 Bran Noun      Hyponym
13 Foodstuff Noun      Hypernym Words Like Foodstuff
14 Cell Noun      Hypernym Words Like Cell
15 Spirit Noun      Hyponym Words Like Spirit
16 Oakum Noun      Hyponym
17 Loofah Noun      Hyponym
18 Coir Noun      Hyponym
19 Ravelling Noun      Hyponym Words Like Ravelling
20 Luffa Noun      Hyponym
21 Raveling Noun      Hyponym Words Like Raveling
22 Loofa Noun      Hyponym
23 Raffia Noun      Hyponym
24 String Noun      Hyponym Words Like String
25 Cantala Noun      Hyponym
26 Spindle Noun      Hyponym Words Like Spindle
27 Bassine Noun      Hyponym

3 examples of fiber

1 the fiber of flax or of muscle
2 a fiber of spun glass
3 a man of real fiber

10 definitions of fiber

1 One of the delicate, threadlike portions of which the tissues of plants and animals are in part constituted.
2 Any fine, slender thread, or threadlike substance; ; especially, one of the slender rootlets of a plant.
3 the inherent complex of attributes that determine a person's moral and ethical actions and reactions; sinew; strength; toughness.
4 A general name for the raw material, such as cotton, flax, hemp, etc., used in textile manufactures.
5 a leatherlike material made by compressing layers of paper or cloth.
6 coarse, indigestible plant food low in nutrients; its bulk stimulates intestinal peristalsis
7 any of several elongated, threadlike cells (especially a muscle fiber or a nerve fiber)
8 a leatherlike material made by compressing layers of paper or cloth
9 the inherent complex of attributes that determines a persons moral and ethical actions and reactions
10 a slender and greatly elongated substance capable of being spun into yarn
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