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5 Alternative Words Similar to fiction

1 Canard Noun      Hyponym
2 Story Noun      Hyponym Words Like Story
3 Utopia Noun      Hyponym Words Like Utopia
4 Dystopia Noun      Hyponym Words Like Dystopia
5 Novel Noun      Hyponym Words Like Novel

1 examples of fiction

1 by a mere fiction of the mind

10 definitions of fiction

1 The act of feigning, inventing, or imagining.
2 That which is feigned, invented, or imagined; especially, a feigned or invented story, whether oral or written. Hence: A story told in order to deceive; a fabrication; -- opposed to fact, or reality.
3 Fictitious literature; comprehensively, all works of imagination; specifically, novels and romances.
4 An assumption of a possible thing as a fact, irrespective of the question of its truth.
5 Any like assumption made for convenience, as for passing more rapidly over what is not disputed, and arriving at points really at issue.
6 a deliberately false or improbable account
7 a literary work based on the imagination and not necessarily on fact
8 An imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented.
9 The act of inventing such a creation or pretense.
10 A lie.
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