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3 Alternative Words Similar to fiftieth

1 50th Adjective      Synonym Words Like 50th
2 Ordinal Adjective      Similar Words Like Ordinal
3 Rank Noun      Synonym Words Like Rank

10 definitions of fiftieth

1 Next in order after the forty-ninth; -- the ordinal of fifty.
2 Consisting of one of fifty equal parts or divisions.
3 One of fifty equal parts; the quotient of a unit divided by fifty.
4 position 50 in a countable series of things
5 the ordinal number of fifty in counting order
6 The ordinal number matching the number 50 in a series.
7 One of 50 equal parts.
8 Next after the forty-ninth: an ordinal numeral.
9 The quotient of unity divided by fifty; one of fifty equal parts of anything: as, twenty-four fiftieths of an estate.
10 The ordinal form of the number fifty.
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