We have put together a list of words that are similar to FIGUREHEAD.

9 Alternative Words Similar to figurehead

1 Front Noun      Synonym Words Like Front
2 Strawman Noun      Synonym Words Like Strawman
3 Beguiler Noun      Synonym Words Like Beguiler
4 Cheat Noun      Synonym Words Like Cheat
5 Cheater Noun      Synonym Words Like Cheater
6 Deceiver Noun      Synonym Words Like Deceiver
7 Figure Noun      Synonym Words Like Figure
8 Slicker Noun      Synonym Words Like Slicker
9 Trickster Noun      Synonym Words Like Trickster

10 definitions of figurehead

1 The figure, statue, or bust, on the prow of a ship.
2 A person who allows his name to be used to give standing to enterprises in which he has no responsible interest or duties; a nominal, but not real, head or chief.
3 a person used as a cover for some questionable activity
4 figure on the bow of some sailing vessels
5 A carved figure on the prow of a ship.
6 A person given a position of nominal leadership but having no actual authority.
7 An ornamental figure, as a statue or bust, on the projecting part of the head of a ship, over the cutwater and immediately under the bowsprit.
8 Figuratively, a person put forward to represent or to appear to act for others, without having any real authority or responsibility.
9 A carved figure on the prow of a sailing ship.
10 Someone in a nominal position of leadership who has no actual power; a front or front man.
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