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We have put together a list of words that are similar to FILE.

18 Alternative Words Similar to file

1 Line Noun      Synonym Words Like Line
2 Record Noun      Synonym Words Like Record
3 Register Verb      Synonym Words Like Register
4 Charge Verb      Synonym Words Like Charge
5 Lodge Verb      Synonym Words Like Lodge
6 Accuse Verb      Synonym Words Like Accuse
7 Criminate Verb      Synonym Words Like Criminate
8 Enter Verb      Synonym Words Like Enter
9 Impeach Verb      Synonym Words Like Impeach
10 Incriminate Verb      Synonym Words Like Incriminate
11 March Verb      Synonym Words Like March
12 Process Verb      Synonym Words Like Process
13 Smooth Verb      Synonym Words Like Smooth
14 Row Noun      Synonym Words Like Row
15 Rank Noun      Antonym Words Like Rank
16 Filing Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Filing
17 Nailfile Noun      Hyponym
18 Tickler Noun      Hyponym

3 examples of file

1 to file a petition or bill
2 to file a saw or a tooth
3 file a complaint

10 definitions of file

1 An orderly succession; a line; a row.
2 A row of soldiers ranged one behind another; -- in contradistinction to rank, which designates a row of soldiers standing abreast; a number consisting the depth of a body of troops, which, in the ordinary modern formation, consists of two men, the battalion standing two deep, or in two ranks.
3 An orderly collection of papers, arranged in sequence or classified for preservation and reference; as, files of letters or of newspapers; this mail brings English files to the 15th instant.
4 The line, wire, or other contrivance, by which papers are put and kept in order.
5 A roll or list.
6 Course of thought; thread of narration.
7 a collection of data on a digital recording medium treated as a unit for the purpose of recording, reading, storage, or indexing; -- such a file is typically accessible by computer programs by the use of a file name. The data may be of any type codable digitally, such as simple ASCII-coded text, complex binary-coded data, or an executable program, or may be itself a collection of other files.
8 To set in order; to arrange, or lay away, esp. as papers in a methodical manner for preservation and reverence; to place on file; to insert in its proper place in an arranged body of papers.
9 To bring before a court or legislative body by presenting proper papers in a regular way.
10 To put upon the files or among the records of a court; to note on (a paper) the fact date of its reception in court.
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