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7 Alternative Words Similar to filet

1 Fillet Noun      Synonym Words Like Fillet
2 Beefsteak Noun      Synonym Words Like Beefsteak
3 Piece Noun      Synonym Words Like Piece
4 Slice Noun      Synonym Words Like Slice
5 Grace Verb      Synonym Words Like Grace
6 Ornament Verb      Synonym Words Like Ornament
7 Tournedos Noun      Hyponym

9 definitions of filet

1 decorate with a lace of geometric designs
2 a boneless steak cut from the tenderloin of beef
3 a longitudinal slice or boned side of a fish
4 lace having a square mesh
5 cut into filets
6 A net or lace with a simple pattern of squares.
7 Variant of fillet.
8 In decorative art, a thin line forming part of a design or ornamenting an edge or the like; a fillet: as, a filet in gold in bookbinding; a filet of ruby luster on a majolica vase. See fillet.
9 A narrow strip of ribbon, material or meat.
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