We have put together a list of words that are similar to FINGERED.

3 Alternative Words Similar to fingered

1 Fingerless Adjective      Antonym Words Like Fingerless
2 Digitate Adjective      Similar Words Like Digitate
3 Fingerlike Adjective      Similar Words Like Fingerlike

2 examples of fingered

1 three-fingered cartoon characters
2 rosy-fingered

10 definitions of fingered

1 Having fingers.
2 Having leaflets like fingers; digitate.
3 Marked with figures designating which finger should be used for each note.
4 having or resembling a finger or fingers; often used in combination
5 Having a finger or fingers, especially of a specific number, kind, or appearance. Often used in combination: four-fingered; rosy-fingered.
6 Having fingers: commonly in composition with a qualifying term: as, five-fingered.
7 In zoology and botany, same as digitate.
8 In music: Played by the individual fingers, as a stringed, keyed, or holed instrument.
9 Produced by the use of the fingers or by the choice of a particular fingering, as atone or a passage.
10 Having the intended fingering marked: as, a piece fingered throughout.
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