Words Like FINING

We have put together a list of words that are similar to FINING.

12 Alternative Words Similar to fining

1 Appendage Noun      Synonym Words Like Appendage
2 Decoration Noun      Synonym Words Like Decoration
3 Digit Noun      Synonym Words Like Digit
4 Extremity Noun      Synonym Words Like Extremity
5 Figure Noun      Synonym Words Like Figure
6 Member Noun      Synonym Words Like Member
7 Ornament Noun      Synonym Words Like Ornament
8 Ornamentation Noun      Synonym Words Like Ornamentation
9 Equip Verb      Synonym Words Like Equip
10 Fit Verb      Synonym Words Like Fit
11 Outfit Verb      Synonym Words Like Outfit
12 Swim Verb      Synonym Words Like Swim

7 definitions of fining

1 The act of imposing a fin�.
2 The process of fining or refining; clarification; also (Metal.), the conversion of cast iron into suitable for puddling, in a hearth or charcoal fire.
3 That which is used to refine; especially, a preparation of isinglass, gelatin, etc., for clarifying beer.
4 The process of refining or purifying.
5 The process of becoming clear: said especially of wine and other liquors.
6 The material or mixture introduced into liquor to clarify it, as whites of eggs or alum.
7 Present participle of fine.
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