We have put together a list of words that are similar to FIRMNESS.

18 Alternative Words Similar to firmness

1 Resoluteness Noun      Synonym Words Like Resoluteness
2 Resolve Noun      Synonym Words Like Resolve
3 Resolution Noun      Synonym Words Like Resolution
4 Strength Noun      Synonym Words Like Strength
5 Trait Noun      Synonym Words Like Trait
6 Sureness Noun      Hyponym Words Like Sureness
7 Granite Noun      Hyponym
8 Determination Noun      Hyponym Words Like Determination
9 Purpose Noun      Hyponym Words Like Purpose
10 Adamance Noun      Hyponym
11 Decision Noun      Hyponym Words Like Decision
12 Unyieldingness Noun      Hyponym
13 Decisiveness Noun      Hyponym Words Like Decisiveness
14 Sturdiness Noun      Hyponym
15 Obduracy Noun      Hyponym
16 Steadfastness Noun      Hyponym Words Like Steadfastness
17 Willpower Noun      Hyponym Words Like Willpower
18 Possession Noun      Hyponym Words Like Possession

1 examples of firmness

1 it was his unshakeable resolution to finish the work

8 definitions of firmness

1 The state or quality of being firm.
2 the quality of being steady or securely and immovably fixed in place
3 the property of being unyielding to the touch
4 the muscle tone of healthy tissue
5 the trait of being resolute
6 The state or quality of being firm; compactness; hardness; solidity; stability; strength; steadfastness; resoluteness; constancy; fixedness; certainty: as, the firmness of jelly; firmness of flesh; firmness of union; the firmness of a purpose; the firmness of a judge.
7 In phrenology, an organ situated toward the back part of the head, between self-esteem and veneration. Its function is said to be to produce determination, constancy, and perseverance.
8 The state of being firm; strength; permanence; stability; hardness; resolution.
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