Words Like FISSURE

We have put together a list of words that are similar to FISSURE.

25 Alternative Words Similar to fissure

1 Crevice Noun      Synonym Words Like Crevice
2 Cranny Noun      Synonym Words Like Cranny
3 Crack Noun      Synonym Words Like Crack
4 Chap Noun      Synonym Words Like Chap
5 Cleft Noun      Synonym Words Like Cleft
6 Scissure Noun      Synonym Words Like Scissure
7 Depression Noun      Synonym Words Like Depression
8 Gap Noun      Synonym Words Like Gap
9 Impression Noun      Synonym Words Like Impression
10 Imprint Noun      Synonym Words Like Imprint
11 Opening Noun      Synonym Words Like Opening
12 Divide Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Divide
13 Rift Noun      Hyponym Words Like Rift
14 Vent Noun      Hyponym Words Like Vent
15 Fracture Noun      Hyponym Words Like Fracture
16 Fault Noun      Hyponym Words Like Fault
17 Slit Noun      Hyponym Words Like Slit
18 Crevasse Noun      Hyponym Words Like Crevasse
19 Break Noun      Hyponym Words Like Break
20 Faulting Noun      Hyponym Words Like Faulting
21 Split Noun      Hyponym Words Like Split
22 Shift Noun      Hyponym Words Like Shift
23 Hilum Noun      Hyponym
24 Sulcus Noun      Hyponym
25 Hilus Noun      Hyponym

1 examples of fissure

1 the fissure of a rock

10 definitions of fissure

1 A narrow opening, made by the parting of any substance; a cleft.
2 To cleave; to divide; to crack or fracture.
3 a long narrow opening
4 a long narrow depression in a surface
5 break into fissures or fine cracks
6 (anatomy) a long narrow slit or groove that divides an organ into lobes
7 A long narrow opening; a crack or cleft.
8 The process of splitting or separating; division.
9 A separation into subgroups or factions; a schism.
10 Anatomy A normal groove or furrow, as in the liver or brain, that divides an organ into lobes or parts.
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