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5 Alternative Words Similar to fistula

1 Sinus Noun      Synonym Words Like Sinus
2 Passage Noun      Synonym Words Like Passage
3 Passageway Noun      Synonym Words Like Passageway
4 Reed Noun      Synonym Words Like Reed
5 Pipe Noun      Synonym Words Like Pipe

1 examples of fistula

1 a salivary fistula; an anal fistula; a recto-vaginal fistula.

10 definitions of fistula

1 A reed; a pipe.
2 A pipe for convejing water.
3 A permanent abnormal opening into the soft parts with a constant discharge; a deep, narrow, chronic abscess; an abnormal opening between an internal cavity and another cavity or the surface
4 an abnormal passage leading from a suppurating cavity to the body surface
5 a chronic inflammation of the withers of a horse
6 An abnormal duct or passage resulting from injury, disease, or a congenital disorder that connects an abscess, cavity, or hollow organ to the body surface or to another hollow organ.
7 A reed; a pipe; a wind-instrument of music.
8 In the Roman Catholic Church, same as calamus, 4.
9 In pathology, a narrow passage or duct, formed by disease or injury, leading from an abscess to a free surface, or furnishing an abnormal means of egress from some normal cavity, as in vesicovaginal fistula.
10 [capitalized] [NL.] In zoology, a genus of polyps.
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