Words Like INCLINE

We have put together a list of words that are similar to INCLINE.

52 Alternative Words Similar to incline

1 Slope Noun      Synonym Words Like Slope
2 Side Noun      Synonym Words Like Side
3 Ramp Noun      Synonym Words Like Ramp
4 Formation Noun      Synonym Words Like Formation
5 Tend Verb      Synonym Words Like Tend
6 Lean Verb      Synonym Words Like Lean
7 Run Verb      Synonym Words Like Run
8 Pitch Verb      Synonym Words Like Pitch
9 Dispose Verb      Synonym Words Like Dispose
10 Angle Verb      Synonym Words Like Angle
11 Be Verb      Synonym Words Like Be
12 Determine Verb      Synonym Words Like Determine
13 Hear Verb      Synonym Words Like Hear
14 Influence Verb      Synonym Words Like Influence
15 Listen Verb      Synonym Words Like Listen
16 Lower Verb      Synonym Words Like Lower
17 Mold Verb      Synonym Words Like Mold
18 Regulate Verb      Synonym Words Like Regulate
19 Shape Verb      Synonym Words Like Shape
20 Slant Verb      Synonym Words Like Slant
21 Tilt Verb      Synonym Words Like Tilt
22 Tip Verb      Synonym Words Like Tip
23 Indispose Verb      Antonym Words Like Indispose
24 Bow Verb-intransitive      Synonym Words Like Bow
25 Turn Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Turn
26 Bend Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Bend
27 Predispose Verb      Hyponym Words Like Predispose
28 Climb Verb      Hyponym Words Like Climb
29 Dip Verb      Hyponym Words Like Dip
30 Fall Verb      Hyponym Words Like Fall
31 Raise Noun      Hyponym Words Like Raise
32 Decline Noun      Hyponym Words Like Decline
33 Hillside Noun      Hyponym Words Like Hillside
34 Escarpment Noun      Hyponym Words Like Escarpment
35 Rise Noun      Hyponym Words Like Rise
36 Bank Noun      Hyponym Words Like Bank
37 Camber Noun      Hyponym Words Like Camber
38 Versant Noun      Hyponym Words Like Versant
39 Declination Noun      Hyponym Words Like Declination
40 Declivity Noun      Hyponym Words Like Declivity
41 Descent Noun      Hyponym Words Like Descent
42 Mountainside Noun      Hyponym Words Like Mountainside
43 Upgrade Noun      Hyponym Words Like Upgrade
44 Cant Noun      Hyponym Words Like Cant
45 Scarp Noun      Hyponym Words Like Scarp
46 Canyonside Noun      Hyponym Words Like Canyonside
47 Declension Noun      Hyponym Words Like Declension
48 Downslope Noun      Hyponym Words Like Downslope
49 Suffer Verb      Hyponym Words Like Suffer
50 Gravitate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Gravitate
51 Feel Verb      Hypernym Words Like Feel
52 Experience Verb      Hypernym Words Like Experience

6 examples of incline

1 converging lines incline toward each other; a road inclines to the north or south.
2 incline the column or post to the east; incline your head to the right.
3 to incline the head or the body in acts of reverence or civility
4 the house was built on the side of a mountain
5 These dresses run small
6 He inclined to corpulence

10 definitions of incline

1 To deviate from a line, direction, or course, toward an object; to lean; to tend
2 Fig.: To lean or tend, in an intellectual or moral sense; to favor an opinion, a course of conduct, or a person; to have a propensity or inclination; to be disposed.
3 To bow; to incline the head.
4 To cause to deviate from a line, position, or direction; to give a leaning, bend, or slope to
5 To impart a tendency or propensity to, as to the will or affections; to turn; to dispose; to influence.
6 To bend; to cause to stoop or bow.
7 An inclined plane; an ascent or descent; a grade or gradient; a slope.
8 make receptive or willing towards an action or attitude or belief
9 be at an angle
10 bend or turn (one's ear) towards a speaker in order to listen well
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