We have put together a list of words that are similar to LUBRICITY.

10 Alternative Words Similar to lubricity

1 Prurience Noun      Synonym Words Like Prurience
2 Pruriency Noun      Synonym Words Like Pruriency
4 Carnality Noun      Synonym Words Like Carnality
5 Amativeness Noun      Synonym Words Like Amativeness
6 Amorousness Noun      Synonym Words Like Amorousness
7 Eroticism Noun      Synonym Words Like Eroticism
8 Erotism Noun      Synonym Words Like Erotism
9 Sexiness Noun      Synonym Words Like Sexiness
10 Lechery Noun      Synonym Words Like Lechery

2 examples of lubricity

1 the lubricity of oil
2 the lubricity of fortune

10 definitions of lubricity

1 Smoothness; freedom from friction; also, property which diminishes friction.
2 Slipperiness; instability.
3 Lasciviousness; propensity to lewdness; lewdness; lechery; incontinency.
4 feeling morbid sexual desire or a propensity to lewdness
5 The quality or condition of being lubricious.
6 The state or quality of being lubric or slippery; slipperiness of surface, literal or figurative; hence, instability; transitoriness; evanescence; evasiveness.
7 Capacity for lubrication.
8 Lasciviousness; lewdness; salacity.
9 Slipperiness, oiliness.
10 Evasiveness, shiftiness.
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