We have put together a list of words that are similar to LUCKLESS.

4 Alternative Words Similar to luckless

1 Unlucky Adjective      Synonym Words Like Unlucky
2 Lucky Adjective      Antonym Words Like Lucky
3 Unfortunate Adjective      Related Words Like Unfortunate
4 Unpropitious Adjective      Synonym Words Like Unpropitious

1 examples of luckless

1 a luckless gamester; a luckless maid.

8 definitions of luckless

1 Being without luck; unpropitious; unfortunate; unlucky; meeting with ill success or bad fortune
2 having or bringing misfortune
3 Marked by, suffering, or promising lack of luck; unlucky. See Synonyms at unfortunate.
4 Having no luck; suffering mischance; unlucky; unsuccessful: as, a luckless gamester.
5 Unattended by luck; bringing or marked by ill luck or misfortune; unfortunate: unfavorable : as, a luckless adventure.
6 Synonyms Unlucky, ill-starred, ill-fated.
7 Unsuccessful, in a failing manner.
8 Without luck.
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