Words Like LURID

We have put together a list of words that are similar to LURID.

8 Alternative Words Similar to lurid

1 Shocking Adjective      Synonym Words Like Shocking
2 Bright Adjective      Similar Words Like Bright
3 Colorless Adjective      Similar Words Like Colorless
4 Colourless Adjective      Similar Words Like Colourless
5 Sensational Adjective      Similar Words Like Sensational
6 Violent Adjective      Similar Words Like Violent
7 Gloomy Adjective      Synonym Words Like Gloomy
8 Dismal Adjective      Synonym Words Like Dismal

3 examples of lurid

1 the lurid details of a murder
2 a lurid life
3 lurid flames

10 definitions of lurid

1 Pale yellow; ghastly pale; wan; gloomy; dismal.
2 Having a brown color tinged with red, as of flame seen through smoke.
3 Of a color tinged with purple, yellow, and gray.
4 Vivid, sensational, or shocking; graphic or melodramatic.
5 horrible in fierceness or savagery
6 ghastly pale
7 glaringly vivid and graphic; marked by sensationalism
8 shining with an unnatural red glow as of fire seen through smoke
9 Causing shock or horror; gruesome.
10 Marked by sensationalism: a lurid account of the crime. See Synonyms at ghastly.
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