Words Like NUMBER

We have put together a list of words that are similar to NUMBER.

91 Alternative Words Similar to number

1 Circumscribe Verb      Synonym Words Like Circumscribe
2 Confine Verb      Hypernym Words Like Confine
3 Limit Verb      Synonym Words Like Limit
4 Sum Verb      Hyponym Words Like Sum
5 Name Verb      Hypernym Words Like Name
6 Be Verb      Synonym Words Like Be
7 Symbol Noun      Hypernym Words Like Symbol
8 Act Noun      Synonym Words Like Act
9 Score Noun      Hyponym Words Like Score
10 Record Noun      Hyponym Words Like Record
11 Designate Verb      Hypernym Words Like Designate
12 Reckon Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Reckon
13 Figure Noun      Synonym Words Like Figure
14 Count Verb      Synonym Words Like Count
15 Root Noun      Hyponym Words Like Root
16 Ordinal Noun      Hyponym Words Like Ordinal
17 Prime Noun      Hyponym Words Like Prime
18 No Noun      Hyponym Words Like No
19 Turn Noun      Synonym Words Like Turn
20 Difference Noun      Hyponym Words Like Difference
21 Amount Noun      Hypernym Words Like Amount
22 Find Verb      Synonym Words Like Find
23 Make Verb      Hyponym Words Like Make
24 Ascertain Verb      Hypernym Words Like Ascertain
25 Determine Verb      Synonym Words Like Determine
26 Sign Noun      Synonym Words Like Sign
27 Signal Noun      Hypernym Words Like Signal
28 Signaling Noun      Synonym Words Like Signaling
29 Issue Noun      Synonym Words Like Issue
30 Quotient Noun      Hyponym Words Like Quotient
31 Bulk Noun      Hyponym Words Like Bulk
32 Product Noun      Synonym Words Like Product
33 Contain Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Contain
34 Bit Noun      Synonym Words Like Bit
35 Class Verb      Synonym Words Like Class
36 Total Verb      Hyponym Words Like Total
37 Tot Verb      Hyponym Words Like Tot
38 Summate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Summate
39 Add Verb      Hyponym Words Like Add
40 Tally Verb      Hyponym Words Like Tally
41 Enumerate Verb      Synonym Words Like Enumerate
42 Numerate Verb      Synonym Words Like Numerate
43 Factor Noun      Hyponym Words Like Factor
44 Separate Verb      Hypernym Words Like Separate
45 Identify Verb      Synonym Words Like Identify
46 List Verb      Synonym Words Like List
47 Itemise Verb      Hyponym Words Like Itemise
48 Itemize Verb      Hyponym Words Like Itemize
49 Assort Verb      Hypernym Words Like Assort
50 Classify Verb      Synonym Words Like Classify
51 Sort Verb      Hypernym Words Like Sort
52 Average Verb      Hyponym Words Like Average
53 Base Noun      Hyponym Words Like Base
54 Recount Verb      Hyponym Words Like Recount
55 Lineage Noun      Hyponym Words Like Lineage
56 Merchandise Noun      Synonym Words Like Merchandise
57 Ware Noun      Hypernym Words Like Ware
58 Come Verb      Synonym Words Like Come
59 Performance Noun      Synonym Words Like Performance
60 Routine Noun      Synonym Words Like Routine
61 Prevalence Noun      Hyponym Words Like Prevalence
62 Denominate Verb      Hypernym Words Like Denominate
63 Integer Noun      Hyponym Words Like Integer
64 Square Noun      Hyponym Words Like Square
65 Remainder Noun      Hyponym Words Like Remainder
66 Cardinal Noun      Hyponym Words Like Cardinal
67 Page Verb      Hyponym Words Like Page
68 Quota Noun      Hyponym Words Like Quota
69 Numerousness Noun      Synonym Words Like Numerousness
70 Numerosity Noun      Hyponym Words Like Numerosity
71 Multiplicity Noun      Hyponym Words Like Multiplicity
72 Dividend Noun      Hyponym Words Like Dividend
74 Fewness Noun      Hyponym Words Like Fewness
75 Countlessness Noun      Hyponym Words Like Countlessness
76 Census Verb      Hyponym Words Like Census
77 Miscount Verb      Hyponym Words Like Miscount
78 Outnumber Verb      Hyponym Words Like Outnumber
79 Quartic Noun      Hyponym
80 Biquadrate Noun      Hyponym
81 Multiplicand Noun      Hyponym
82 Addend Noun      Hyponym
83 Cardinality Noun      Hyponym
84 Minuend Noun      Hyponym
85 Subtrahend Noun      Hyponym
86 Augend Noun      Hyponym
87 Multiplier Noun      Hyponym
88 Biquadratic Noun      Hyponym
89 Arity Noun      Hyponym
90 Antilog Noun      Hyponym
91 Antilogarithm Noun      Hyponym

10 examples of number

1 to put a number on a door
2 to number the houses in a street, or the apartments in a building
3 the army numbers fifty thousand
4 it was one of the best numbers he ever did
5 she had a catchy little routine
6 the number of parameters is small
7 the figure was about a thousand
8 this sweater is an all-wool number
9 Count your change
10 The bill came to $2,000

10 definitions of number

1 That which admits of being counted or reckoned; a unit, or an aggregate of units; a numerable aggregate or collection of individuals; an assemblage made up of distinct things expressible by figures.
2 A collection of many individuals; a numerous assemblage; a multitude; many.
3 A numeral; a word or character denoting a number.
4 Numerousness; multitude.
5 The state or quality of being numerable or countable.
6 Quantity, regarded as made up of an aggregate of separate things.
7 That which is regulated by count; poetic measure, as divisions of time or number of syllables; hence, poetry, verse; -- chiefly used in the plural.
8 The distinction of objects, as one, or more than one (in some languages, as one, or two, or more than two), expressed (usually) by a difference in the form of a word; thus, the singular number and the plural number are the names of the forms of a word indicating the objects denoted or referred to by the word as one, or as more than one.
9 The measure of the relation between quantities or things of the same kind; that abstract species of quantity which is capable of being expressed by figures; numerical value.
10 To count; to reckon; to ascertain the units of; to enumerate.
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