We have put together a list of words that are similar to NUMERATION.

13 Alternative Words Similar to numeration

1 Count Noun      Synonym Words Like Count
2 Counting Noun      Synonym Words Like Counting
3 Enumeration Noun      Synonym Words Like Enumeration
4 Reckoning Noun      Synonym Words Like Reckoning
5 Tally Noun      Synonym Words Like Tally
6 Investigating Noun      Synonym Words Like Investigating
7 Investigation Noun      Synonym Words Like Investigation
8 Naming Noun      Synonym Words Like Naming
9 Census Noun      Hyponym Words Like Census
10 Countdown Noun      Hyponym Words Like Countdown
11 Nosecount Noun      Hyponym Words Like Nosecount
12 Recount Noun      Hyponym Words Like Recount
13 Miscount Noun      Hyponym Words Like Miscount

10 definitions of numeration

1 The act or art of numbering.
2 The act or art of reading numbers when expressed by means of numerals. The term is almost exclusively applied to the art of reading numbers written in the scale of tens, by the Arabic method.
3 the act of counting; reciting numbers in ascending order
4 naming numbers
5 The act or process of counting or numbering; enumeration.
6 A system of numbering.
7 The act of numbering.
8 In arithmetic, the art of counting; the art of forming numeral words for use in counting; the system of numeral words in use in any language; the art of expressing in words any number proposed in figures; the act or art of reading numbers. See notation.
9 The act of counting or numbering things; enumeration.
10 Any system of giving names to numbers.
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