We have put together a list of words that are similar to OVERFAMILIAR.

2 Alternative Words Similar to overfamiliar

1 Forward Adjective      Similar Words Like Forward
2 Familiar Adjective      Synonym Words Like Familiar

8 definitions of overfamiliar

1 Taking undue liberties; assuming an unwarranted tone of familiarity.
2 taking undue liberties
3 Too familiar, as:
4 Exceedingly common or ordinary: overfamiliar sayings.
5 Unduly forward or brash; offensively presumptuous: She displayed an overfamiliar attitude toward her superiors.
6 common or repeated to the point of being unnoticed or annoying
7 so acquainted with something, that one doesn't notice it, or is annoyed by it
8 overly friendly or intimate
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