We have put together a list of words that are similar to PERPETRATE.

6 Alternative Words Similar to perpetrate

1 Commit Verb      Synonym Words Like Commit
2 Pull Verb      Synonym Words Like Pull
3 Act Verb      Synonym Words Like Act
4 Move Verb      Synonym Words Like Move
5 Recommit Verb      Hyponym Words Like Recommit
6 Make Verb      Hyponym Words Like Make

2 examples of perpetrate

1 to perpetrate a foul deed
2 pull a bank robbery

6 definitions of perpetrate

1 To do or perform; to carry through; to execute, commonly in a bad sense; to commit (as a crime, an offense); to be guilty of.
2 perform an act, usually with a negative connotation
3 To be responsible for; commit: perpetrate a crime; perpetrate a practical joke.
4 To do execute, or perform; commit: generally in a bad sense: as, to perpetrate a crime.
5 To produce, as something execrable or shocking; perform (something) in an execrable or shocking way: as, to perpetrate a pun.
6 To be guilty of, or responsible for a crime etc; to commit.
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