We have put together a list of words that are similar to PHARMACOPOEIA.

5 Alternative Words Similar to pharmacopoeia

1 Accumulation Noun      Synonym Words Like Accumulation
2 Aggregation Noun      Synonym Words Like Aggregation
3 Assemblage Noun      Synonym Words Like Assemblage
4 Collection Noun      Synonym Words Like Collection
5 Book Noun      Hypernym Words Like Book

9 definitions of pharmacopoeia

1 A book or treatise describing the drugs, preparations, etc., used in medicine; especially, one that is issued by official authority and considered as an authoritative standard.
2 A chemical laboratory.
3 (pharmacology) a book containing a compilation of pharmaceutical products with their formulas and methods of preparation
4 a collection or stock of drugs
5 A book containing an official list of medicinal drugs together with articles on their preparation and use.
6 A collection or stock of drugs.
7 A book of formulæ or directions for the preparation, etc., of medicines, generally published by authority.
8 A collection of drugs.
9 An official book describing medicines or other pharmacological substances, especially their use, preparation, and regulation.
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