We have put together a list of words that are similar to PHOTOGRAVURE.

5 Alternative Words Similar to photogravure

1 Gravure Noun      Synonym Words Like Gravure
2 Heliogravure Noun      Synonym Words Like Heliogravure
3 Rotogravure Noun      Synonym Words Like Rotogravure
4 Intaglio Noun      Synonym Words Like Intaglio
5 Print Noun      Synonym Words Like Print

10 definitions of photogravure

1 A photoengraving; also, the process by which such a picture is produced.
2 printing from an intaglio plate prepared by photographic methods
3 an intaglio print produced by gravure
4 using photography to produce a plate for printing
5 The process of printing from an intaglio plate, etched according to a photographic image.
6 The art of producing on metal, by an application of the action of light on a sensitized surface, often supplemented by etching, an incised engraved plate for printing.
7 To produce in photogravure.
8 A print taken from a photograph upon copper, etched with acid, and produced by the copperplate process.
9 An intaglio process for printing photographic reproductions in newspapers and books.
10 A print so made.
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