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6 definitions of pneumatophore

1 A pneumatocyst, or a structure which supports such a float; especially, the proximal dilatation of the cœnosarc or hydrosome of the Physophoridæ See cuts under Athorybia and Hydroszoa.
2 An apparatus for supplying a person with oxygen when in a place filled with bad or unwholesome air.
3 In phytogeography, a lateral root, submerged or more often exposed to the air, at least periodically, so differentiated as to serve the purpose of respiration; a respiratory root.
4 A gas-filled sac or float of some colonial marine coelenterates, such as the Portuguese man-of-war.
5 An aerial root, in mangroves etc., specialized for gaseous exchange.
6 an air-filled root (submerged or exposed) that can function as a respiratory organ of a marsh or swamp plant
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