Words Like PREMIER

We have put together a list of words that are similar to PREMIER.

9 Alternative Words Similar to premier

1 Premiere Adjective      Synonym Words Like Premiere
2 Prime Adjective      Synonym Words Like Prime
3 First Adjective      Similar Words Like First
4 Chancellor Noun      Synonym Words Like Chancellor
5 Do Verb      Synonym Words Like Do
6 Execute Verb      Synonym Words Like Execute
7 Perform Verb      Synonym Words Like Perform
8 Chief Adjective      Synonym Words Like Chief
9 Principal Adjective      Synonym Words Like Principal

2 examples of premier

1 the premier place; premier minister.
2 the prime minister

10 definitions of premier

1 First; chief; principal
2 Most ancient; -- said of the peer bearing the oldest title of his degree.
3 The first minister of state; the prime minister.
4 be performed for the first time
5 the person who holds the position of head of the government in the United Kingdom
6 preceding all others in time
7 first in rank or degree
8 the person who is head of state (in several countries)
9 perform a work for the first time
10 First in status or importance; principal or chief: an architect of premier rank.
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