We have put together a list of words that are similar to PROSECUTE.

10 Alternative Words Similar to prosecute

1 Engage Verb      Synonym Words Like Engage
2 Pursue Verb      Synonym Words Like Pursue
3 Act Verb      Synonym Words Like Act
4 Move Verb      Synonym Words Like Move
5 Defend Verb      Antonym Words Like Defend
6 Continue Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Continue
7 Commit Verb      Hyponym Words Like Commit
8 Practice Verb      Hyponym Words Like Practice
9 Politick Verb      Hyponym
10 Close Verb      Hyponym Words Like Close

5 examples of prosecute

1 to prosecute a scheme, hope, or claim
2 to prosecute a right or a claim in a court of law
3 to prosecute a man for trespass, or for a riot
4 to prosecute for public offenses
5 They engaged in a discussion

10 definitions of prosecute

1 To follow or pursue with a view to reach, execute, or accomplish; to endeavor to obtain or complete; to carry on; to continue.
2 To seek to obtain by legal process.
3 To pursue with the intention of punishing; to accuse of some crime or breach of law, or to pursue for redress or punishment, before a legal tribunal; to proceed against judicially.
4 To follow after.
5 To institute and carry on a legal prosecution.
6 carry out or participate in an activity; be involved in
7 bring a criminal action against (in a trial)
8 conduct a prosecution in a court of law
9 Law To initiate civil or criminal court action against.
10 Law To seek to obtain or enforce by legal action.
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