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We have put together a list of words that are similar to SMALL.

23 Alternative Words Similar to small

1 Minor Adjective      Synonym Words Like Minor
2 Modest Adjective      Synonym Words Like Modest
3 Humble Adjective      Synonym Words Like Humble
4 Low Adjective      Synonym Words Like Low
5 Lowly Adjective      Synonym Words Like Lowly
6 Fine Adjective      Similar Words Like Fine
7 Immature Adjective      Similar Words Like Immature
8 Inferior Adjective      Similar Words Like Inferior
9 Limited Adjective      Similar Words Like Limited
10 Lowercase Adjective      Similar Words Like Lowercase
11 Minute Adjective      Similar Words Like Minute
12 Moderate Adjective      Similar Words Like Moderate
13 Reduced Adjective      Similar Words Like Reduced
14 Soft Adjective      Similar Words Like Soft
15 Wee Adjective      Similar Words Like Wee
16 Young Adjective      Similar Words Like Young
17 Unimportant Adjective      Synonym Words Like Unimportant
18 Insignificant Adjective      Synonym Words Like Insignificant
19 Mean Adjective      Synonym Words Like Mean
20 Short Adjective      Synonym Words Like Short
21 Weak Adjective      Synonym Words Like Weak
22 Gentle Adjective      Synonym Words Like Gentle
23 Timidly Adverb      Synonym Words Like Timidly

10 examples of small

1 a small man; a small river
2 a small fault; a small business
3 after a small space
4 the small of the leg or of the back
5 small children
6 small a
7 e.e.cummings's poetry is written all in minuscule letters
8 a little house
9 a little (or small) group
10 a small car

10 definitions of small

1 Having little size, compared with other things of the same kind; little in quantity or degree; diminutive; not large or extended in dimension; not great; not much; inconsiderable.
2 Being of slight consequence; feeble in influence or importance; unimportant; trivial; insignificant.
3 Envincing little worth or ability; not large-minded; -- sometimes, in reproach, paltry; mean.
4 Not prolonged in duration; not extended in time; short.
5 Weak; slender; fine; gentle; soft; not loud.
6 In or to small extent, quantity, or degree; little; slightly.
7 Not loudly; faintly; timidly.
8 The small or slender part of a thing.
9 Smallclothes.
10 Same as Little go. See under Little, a.
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